Abundant, reliable hot water with guaranteed  savings year  after year.  

Just Imagine - pay less than $200 a  year  for your family's hot water.


Innovative top down  heating means there's   no  need  to  wait  for  hours   to  get  usable  hot  water. Enough  water  for  a  hot  shower in  twenty minutes.


All day ......   all weather performance 

Keeps on working even when the  Solar Panels are covered in snow

Uses seven times less power in winter than  solar panels


"We don't freak out anymore when the kids hop in the shower...If they use up all the hot water, we'll have plenty  more in just a few minutes"

Why Heat Pump Water Heating is the future. 

  • Proven to save costs and power
  • Uses renewable energy with minimum impact on the environment
  • Doesn't rely on sun for optimum performance.
  • Reduces peak demand on electricity grid - unlike solar - fewer dams needed
  • Works with the environment and not against it


    "Our power bill just arrived. I never knew water heating was costing us that much. This thing will pay for itself in no time"

    "This thing is  so  cheap  to  run; WE  used  to  use  gas. Three  months cylinder rental is  equivalent  to a  year's  running  cost  for  our  new  eccotherm."



     Eccotherm  saves up to 78% on hot water heating costs.


  • Easily connects to existing water cylinder. No need for costly replacements.
  • Averaged  over a year uses less electricity than solar water heating.
  • Doesn't need  sun. Works in rain, hail, snow and clouds - day or  night
  • No permits  or consents  required -  unlike  solar. 

  • Fast top down heating provides  enough water for a hot shower in  twenty  minutes compared to  several hours  for  conventional electric water heating.
  • Quiet operation.  Makes  less noise  than  your  conventional  heat  pump.

  • No potentially explosive gas bottles requiring periodic safety checks and monthly rental payments.

  • You're the boss. Not subject to electrical load shedding that can turn off your normal water heating - usually when you need it the most. Heat your water when you want to and not when someone else says.
  • Safe for children and pets. No searing hot surfaces or explosive gasses.
  • Developed for cold temperature operation. Keeps on heating even when the solar panels are covered in snow.
  • Kind to the environment. Reduces the need for electricity and helps decrease greenhouse gas emissions that come from the burning of coal or gas to produce electricity.
  • No booster element required. Solar water heaters still need these and over a twelve month period will cost more to run than the Eccotherm.
  • Highest quality components sourced globally together with New Zealand based manufacturing means enduring quality.



    Eccotherm  combines economy and energy and puts more money in your pocket.