Abundant, reliable hot water with guaranteed  savings year  after year.  

Just Imagine - pay less than $200 a  year  for your family's hot water.


Innovative top down  heating means there's   no  need  to  wait  for  hours   to  get  usable  hot  water. Enough  water  for  a  hot  shower in  twenty minutes.


All day ......   all weather performance 

Keeps on working even when the  Solar Panels are covered in snow

Uses seven times less power in winter than  solar panels


"We don't freak out anymore when the kids hop in the shower...If they use up all the hot water, we'll have plenty  more in just a few minutes"

Why Heat Pump Water Heating is the future. 

  • Proven to save costs and power
  • Uses renewable energy with minimum impact on the environment
  • Doesn't rely on sun for optimum performance.
  • Reduces peak demand on electricity grid - unlike solar - fewer dams needed
  • Works with the environment and not against it


    "Our power bill just arrived. I never knew water heating was costing us that much. This thing will pay for itself in no time"

    "This thing is  so  cheap  to  run; WE  used  to  use  gas. Three  months cylinder rental is  equivalent  to a  year's  running  cost  for  our  new  eccotherm."

    Uses  less  electricity  in  a year  than   solar  water heating

    Uses less power than a hair drier

      Superior  Coefficient  of  Performance 

    for  lowest  running  cost

    C.O.P.is  the ratio  of  the  energy in the hot  water, to the electrical energy used  to  drive  the  heat  pump. It tells you how many times more efficient your eccotherm heat pump is than your standardelectric water cylinder. The higher the  value, the  lower the  running  cost and the  better the  heat pump. When your hot-water  cylinder is heated by  ordinary  electric  heating the C.O.P. is close to  one - one  unit  of  energy  produces just  one  unit  of  heat. Amazingly eccotherm can produce up to  four and  a  half  times more  heat energy than the  electrical energy  used  and  that  will   save  you  a big  pile  of  cash. The amount  saved  depends  on operating conditions. The  hotter  the  weather, the  season,   the  greater  the savings.


     The higher  the  air   temperature then the  higher  the  C.O.P. However it also  depends on the  humidity, (moisture content) of the air which  is  also a form  of  energy (latent)  used by heat pumps - the greater the humidity then the higher the C.O.P. Also important  and  too  often  omitted in   descrtiptions of other brands  is the temperature of the incomming water. The  colder the  better, because more  heat is can  then   be absorbed from the refrigerant cycle. In  fact  C.O.P. increases by 1.7% for  every degree  drop in the  temperature of the incoming water.






    Eccotherm Performance Specifications

       Output Water  Temperature :    60  Deg  C.

    Inlet Water Temperature:          12  Deg C

                                                               Relative Humidity :   60%                                         


    Saves energy  and  leaves more money in your pocket