Abundant, reliable hot water with guaranteed  savings year  after year.  

Just Imagine - pay less than $200 a  year  for your family's hot water.


Innovative top down  heating means there's   no  need  to  wait  for  hours   to  get  usable  hot  water. Enough  water  for  a  hot  shower in  twenty minutes.


All day ......   all weather performance 

Keeps on working even when the  Solar Panels are covered in snow

Uses seven times less power in winter than  solar panels


"We don't freak out anymore when the kids hop in the shower...If they use up all the hot water, we'll have plenty  more in just a few minutes"

Why Heat Pump Water Heating is the future. 

  • Proven to save costs and power
  • Uses renewable energy with minimum impact on the environment
  • Doesn't rely on sun for optimum performance.
  • Reduces peak demand on electricity grid - unlike solar - fewer dams needed
  • Works with the environment and not against it


    "Our power bill just arrived. I never knew water heating was costing us that much. This thing will pay for itself in no time"

    "This thing is  so  cheap  to  run; WE  used  to  use  gas. Three  months cylinder rental is  equivalent  to a  year's  running  cost  for  our  new  eccotherm."


    technology  that  saves


             installation couldn't be easier......






    The Eccotherm hot water heat pump connects directly to your new or existing hot water cylinder. Cold water from the bottom of the cylinder is drawn into the eccotherm where it is heated by a highly efficient heat exchanger and then returned to the top of the cylinder. Some electricity is used in the process, but due to the wonders of everyday thermodynamics, you get out a lot more than you pay for. This isn't magic - what comes out is exactly what goes in since the output is a combination of the electrical input and the absolutely free energy that eccotherm captures from the surrounding air. For every dollar of electricity that you put in you get up to $4.50 worth of hot water.





    Valves  are  installed at  the  top  and  bottom of  your  water  cylinder and  piping  is connected to these. These  are  left  closed until the  eccotherm is  ready  to be  installed,  now or  later and  this  option is ideal  during  renovations  where  outdoor  appliances may be  in  the  way or likely  to  become  damaged in an all too often busy and hectic building site. Once the connecting valves are installed then it  will take only minutes  to connect the eccotherm. All connections and materials used for installation withstand high pressures  so it doesn't matter whether you have mains or low pressure water. Eccotherm works on both providing you with the lowest cost hot water that is possible. All  piping  and  fittings  are  insulated  to   minimise  heat  loss  and  ensure  highest  savings.


     Installation   Basics  Increase  Efficiency.    


    Correct   interconnecting   piping  is  necessary  to  get  the  best  efficiency  from  your  eccotherm.  Pipe  lengths  should be  as  short as  possible  and  smaller  bore  pipe  should  be  used . This   reduces  the  volume  of  water (dead volume)  in  the  pipes  which  cools  down  between  heating  cycles,  even  when pipes  are  insulated.


    One  study*  found  that pipe  loses account  for at least   40%  of  the  energy  used  nationally  for hot  water   heating - that's around 10 Petajoules(Pj) and  is approximately   one  Benmore  Dam worth of  power just  dedicated to  heating  the  water  in your pipes  as  you  wait  for the hot water to arrive after turning on the tap or  shower. That can cost upto $500 per year for an average house. !!     

    Easy Electrical  Connection Because  the  eccotherm   uses  so little  power,  there  is  no  need  to run  expensive  wiring back  to  your  switchboard.  A  simple  three  pin  plug connection  to an existing  power point  is  usually  all  that  is  necessary. Simply  flick off  your  normal  electrical  heating,  turn on  the  eccotherm  and just   watch  the  savings  grow  and  grow.




    Enjoy  Hot  Water Faster      First  developed  in  Dunedin  in  1978  top  down  heating  ensures  that  usable   hot   water  is  produced  a  lot   quicker.  You'll be enjoying  a  hot  shower    just  20 minutes after  your  tank  was  completely  cold.   Because  it  heats up  so  fast  you  can save extra and  turn  the  eccotherm off when  you  go  away  on  holiday. When  you  come  back,  just  flick  the  switch  to  turn eccotherm back on  and  by  the  time the  car  is  unpacked you'll be  able  to enjoy  a  hot  shower.











    *Carrington, C.G.,Warrington, D.M.,Yak,Y.C., (1985) 'Structure of Domestic Hot Water Consumption' Energy Research, Vol. 9 65 - 75