Abundant, reliable hot water with guaranteed  savings year  after year.  

Just Imagine - pay less than $200 a  year  for your family's hot water.


Innovative top down  heating means there's   no  need  to  wait  for  hours   to  get  usable  hot  water. Enough  water  for  a  hot  shower in  twenty minutes.


All day ......   all weather performance 

Keeps on working even when the  Solar Panels are covered in snow

Uses seven times less power in winter than  solar panels


"We don't freak out anymore when the kids hop in the shower...If they use up all the hot water, we'll have plenty  more in just a few minutes"

Why Heat Pump Water Heating is the future. 

  • Proven to save costs and power
  • Uses renewable energy with minimum impact on the environment
  • Doesn't rely on sun for optimum performance.
  • Reduces peak demand on electricity grid - unlike solar - fewer dams needed
  • Works with the environment and not against it


    "Our power bill just arrived. I never knew water heating was costing us that much. This thing will pay for itself in no time"

    "This thing is  so  cheap  to  run; WE  used  to  use  gas. Three  months cylinder rental is  equivalent  to a  year's  running  cost  for  our  new  eccotherm."

    Uses  less  electricity  in  a year  than   solar  water heating

    Uses less power than a hair drier


    Time  for  Answers



    What is the best time of  day to  use my eccotherm??

    Because it's  a heat pump Eccotherm  will  be more efficient   when the  day is hot. Unlike solar  however,  it will  still  produce  all  your  hot  water in  the  absence  of  sunshine. Because  it  relies  on  the  heat  in  the  air it will  be more  efficient when the air temperature is higher. Approximately   30% greater efficiency can be  expected when running    at  mid-day  compared  to midnight.   Units  are   set  up  with an  internal  clock  to  ensure  operation  takes  place  when  outdoor   temperatures  are  high..



    Does   eccotherm need  sun  to  make  it  work?               

    Eccotherm is  an air  source  heat pump which  relies  on the  heat energy contained in the  surrounding air. It works  independently of the sun -  day or night with no booster element.

    Will it  work  in bad weather? 

     Eccotherm works  in  all  weather  conditions -  rain,  hail  or  sun. Peak  efficiencies  will  occur  on  sunny  humid  days. 


    How long  does  it  take  to  heat  my  tank? 

     At 15o C   eccotherm  will take  approximately two hours to  heat a 180 litre cylinder. This  compares  with  5  - 6  hours  for  normal  electric  heating.  


    What  is  the  expected  life-time  of  an  Eccotherm  hot  water  heat  pump? 


    Quality control is  paramount in the  manufacture  of  eccotherm.  Normal  life  expectancy  is  about  20 years. .


    Do  I  need  to  replace  my  tank?

    No - Eccotherm   is  made  to  easily  attach  to  your  existing  water  system.

    How  far  from  my tank  can eccotherm be? 

    Maximum  distance  is  fifty metres, however the smaller  the  separation,  the   less  heat  loss  there will  be  in  the  connecting pipes.

    Who  can  install  the  eccotherm?

    Generally  a  plumber   or  a  competent  tradesperson  is  required  to  connect  to the  tank. 


    What  maintenance  does  the  eccotherm need?


    Like  all  heat  pumps,  the  outdoor  heat  exchanger  needs  to  be kept  clean.  This  can  be  done  when  your  ordinary  heat  pumps  are  serviced  every  one or  two  years.

    How  long  does  it  take  to  pay  for itself? 

    The more  hot  water  you  use  the  quicker  eccotherm  will  pay for  itself.   Some  units  in  commercial  applications  have  paid  for  themselves  in  17 months. Generally  for  moderate  users,  the   payback period  is  4-6  years.

    What temperature  is  the  water  heated  to? 

    The  thermostat  is  set  to  60oC. Even  higher temperatures  are  possible,  but  this  is  not recommended since  this affects efficiency. Because  it  works   3 -  4  times faster  than  ordinary  electric  heating  eccotherm  will  always produce  abundant  hot  water in plenty of time.


    Will  the  Eccotherm  work  on mains  pressure?

    The   eccotherm will  work  on  all  water pressures  experienced in  domestic  situations  and  most  commercial. A minimum  inlet  pressure  of  25kPa(3.6psi)  is  required.


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