Abundant, reliable hot water with guaranteed  savings year  after year.  

Just Imagine - pay less than $200 a  year  for your family's hot water.


Innovative top down  heating means there's   no  need  to  wait  for  hours   to  get  usable  hot  water. Enough  water  for  a  hot  shower in  twenty minutes.


All day ......   all weather performance 

Keeps on working even when the  Solar Panels are covered in snow

Uses seven times less power in winter than  solar panels


"We don't freak out anymore when the kids hop in the shower...If they use up all the hot water, we'll have plenty  more in just a few minutes"

Why Heat Pump Water Heating is the future. 

  • Proven to save costs and power
  • Uses renewable energy with minimum impact on the environment
  • Doesn't rely on sun for optimum performance.
  • Reduces peak demand on electricity grid - unlike solar - fewer dams needed
  • Works with the environment and not against it


    "Our power bill just arrived. I never knew water heating was costing us that much. This thing will pay for itself in no time"

    "This thing is  so  cheap  to  run; WE  used  to  use  gas. Three  months cylinder rental is  equivalent  to a  year's  running  cost  for  our  new  eccotherm."

    Smart design  to  lower  water heating costs 


  • Set and forget.  When  installed,  turn  your  old   heating  element  off  and  watch  the  savings grow.
  • Defrost mode allows for hot water even in cold winter days.
  • Advanced Refrigerant to Water Heat Exchanger puts more heat into your water at less cost.
  • Upto  3.9kW output means eccotherm doesn't work so hard and will outlast smaller capacity water heating heat pumps  - some with less than half the output of the Eccotherm. Your tank heats up faster. Great for those long deep soaks in the bath.
  • Extra large heat exchanger for peak efficiency.  The Eccotherm is bigger than other  equivalent heat pumps because the heat  exchanger that extracts heat  from the  air is  specially  oversized so it can operate at  peak efficiency over a wide range of  climatic conditions. This allows  the fan to be smaller thus using less power and helps keep running costs  as low as possible. 

     A special hydrophilic coating  on the  outdoor  heat  exchanger prevents the  build-up of moisture.    This  can  reduce  air  flow  and  efficiency. It  also  protects the  delicate  surfaces  from  corrosion and  oxidisation as  well as the  effects  of an  aggressive  atmosphere  such  as  near a  coastline.

    Tested in  time's  laboratory.    The Eccotherm  uses the long established   capillary  principle   for controlling the flow of the refrigerant that is necessary for the absorption and transfer of heat.  The   proven  reliability of  this method ensures peak performance in a  variety of  conditions. Your    great grandparents'  fridge used capillary expansion and just  look how long  their  appliances  lasted  compared to  modern  ones....  With  no moving  parts  that  wear  out,  get stuck  or  leak,  or  complicated electronics  that cost a  lot  to  repair,  eccotherm  combines simplicity  and  innovation  for top  performance.


    Future proofed  for  climate  change.   Who knows what  the   climate  is  going  to be  like in the  future ? The one  thing  that's  certain is  that it's changing  rapidly. Designed for extremes in  temperature, Eccotherm won't  overheat  on  those  unusually   hot  days that  can   cause  unnecessary  stress  to water heating heat pumps.  Custom built  electronics  ensure  that  it  will  never  get  too  hot and  stress  vital  parts .... And because  the  electronics  are  purpose  built for  the  Eccotherm  ,  system  optimisation  and  peak  performance  are  ensured.  Again  in  keeping  with  our  design  philosophy we've used  readily   sourced  components  proven  for  their  reliability  and  simplicity.  The   outside  heat  exchanger  has  been  made  larger   so  that   it  can     cope   better   with  frosts..

    Cheat  the  Heat  Condenser for Extra   Free  Heat.  The Eccotherm uses a  specially  designed   heat exchanger (condenser)  to  transfer   heat into the   hot water.  Because  it's  so  efficient  the  water  temperatrure  can  be  upto  five  degrees hotter  than  other  heat pumps using  the   same  settings  and  electrical   input.


    Stylish  and  Durable  Cabinet  Lasts  Longer.  The  cabinet  is constructed  of  1.0mm  zicalume  which  is  then  electrolytically galvanised  before being   powder  coated  for  a  stylish  and  elegant  finish.  The   sturdy  base  plate  is  3mm  aluminium  so  you  can  be  sure corrosion  will   never   get hold in  this  vital  area    

    Built  for  Serviceability.    Periodic maintenance is required to ensure the best performance from your heat pump. The design of eccotherm ensures your heat pump cleaning technician can access all vital areas making sure it  will  keep operating  at peak efficiency.